Tulle blouses have been the rising trend of the fashion world, which is advancing rapidly and adding different innovations to its body day by day. Tulle blouses, which we looked at strangely because we were not used to it at first, but now we are used to seeing everywhere and on everyone, have really made a great contribution to this field by greatly affecting the women's clothing industry.

Tulle blouses, which increasingly affect the women's clothing industry, are actually clothes made of tulle fabric, with the most basic definition. Despite the existence of tulle fabric for years, the fact that tulle blouses are still produced is another proof that fashion still has a lot of room to expand and improve itself. However, you can dazzle the eyes wandering on you with your tulle blouses, which are quite a novelty, unless something different comes along for now.


Tulle blouses are at the top of the clothes that women love to use both in their daily lives and in their private lives. However, this outfit can unfortunately cause you to display bad images when the correct way of use is not applied. So what is the correct use of tulle blouses?

Tulle blouses are transparent clothes. For this reason, not only tulle blouses, but also the clothes you wear inside these blouses are of great importance for you to display a beautiful image. For the correct use of tulle blouses, you need to know the clothes you use in the lower clothing category of your combination and the top clothing category with which these clothes are compatible. We can explain them as follows:

  • In your combination that you prefer a tulle blouse, if you prefer a long skirt or trousers as bottom clothing, you can choose a bralette or low-cut crop top inside your tulle blouse. In this way, you will ensure the balance of openness in the combi.

  • In your combination that you prefer a tulle blouse, if you prefer a short skirt or shorts as bottom clothing, you can choose more open clothes such as bralettes inside your tulle blouse, or you can choose relatively more closed clothes. The reason for this is that you can easily adjust the correct proportion ratio in the combi.

  • You can wear your tulle blouses that you prefer on special occasions over your evening dresses that do not have a delicate or rough appearance. This will not create much of an image, but on the contrary, it will be a great proof that you have a style of your own.

  • If you want to wear a tulle blouse while going to work, you can integrate your tulle blouses into your usual suit combinations. The stylish images that you will reveal, especially by leaving out the collar and sleeve details, will also be the occasion for you to be appreciated by your environment.


Tulle blouses have managed to get their name written among the most preferred pieces of the season, by offering different usage styles to the users. However, when it comes to tulle blouse, not a single model should come to mind. Although almost every model of tulle blouses with many different models is highly appreciated by women, we have compiled the most popular models for you.

Top Detailed Tulle Blouses

Just like printed t-shirts and padded jackets, tulle blouses have their own distinctive models. Among them, one of the most popular models is detailed tulle blouse. Since these details can take many different forms, it would not be right to limit them to a single example. However, one of the most well-known and frequently encountered details is the arm details. Combining the unique simplicity of tulle blouses with punched sleeves will allow you to display a very stylish look.

Classic Tulle Blouses

Classic tulle blouses are tulle blouses without details that we all know and are very familiar with. These tulle blouses are the easiest to use and the tulle blouses that will force you the least while making combinations. They are usually combined by wearing a bralette inside.

Tulle Blouses with Balloon Sleeve

Balloon sleeve is a model loved by all women who like vintage style. The most distinctive and eye-catching feature of this model, as the name suggests, is the balloon arms. These model tulle blouses, which are usually combined with a low-cut underwear, are extremely stylish clothes. Do not forget to get one of these tulle blouses, which every woman should have at least one in her closet.

Decollete Tulle Blouses

Decollete tulle blouses are not normally suitable for transparent clothes. Because tulle blouses that cover the decollete gap with their transparency do not need an extra décolleté. However, recently, low-cut tulle blouses have become one of the most preferred tulle blouses, as women often prefer bold outfits.

March 07, 2022