Each outfit has a story of its origins. And of course the designers of those clothes. That's why we would all like to know how many of the clothes we wear every day belong to the same designer. It would be a valuable secret to find out how many of our own style we got from the same genius of ideas. Here, SOCIETA' gives you the opportunity to see the atelier collection by giving this situation a little bit of opportunity.


The concept of atelier that we hear often is actually not alien to any of us. This concept, which means workshop in Turkish, is used for places where designs are made and produced in the fashion world. Societa' atelier collection is a collection of Societa's special designs. These special pieces that fashion and Societa lover women will enjoy looking at will suit your wardrobes very well.


Of course, it is not possible to make a distinction in this collection where each piece has its own value. However, in order to help you find the most suitable clothes for your style, we can accompany you to get to know this wonderful collection by making certain selections from this collection, where the most important elements of the clothes are compiled.

Velvet Inspiration

The feature of velvet fabric, which is frequently used by designers, is that it evokes femininity. This is why velvet fabric, which impresses the fashion world with the advantages it offers, appears every season.

One of the main fabrics that you will encounter frequently in the Atelier collection is velvet. This fabric, which draws attention with its elegant and stylish stance, is especially preferred in the collection. Although it is used in the whole of the clothes all, some clothes added as a small but striking detail.

Waist Details

The main thing in the design of women's clothes is, of course, the feminine image. For this reason, great attention is paid to the waist part of each outfit in both the upper and lower clothing categories. Because a design that will not reveal the waistline will also completely eliminate the feminine image.

This is why the waist details are embroidered with striking care in the dresses in the

Societa' atelier collection. The fact that many clothes are self belted is the biggest proof of this.

Inspiration from the Shirt

Shirts are clothes with their own distinctive features that make a difference in the upper clothing category. For this reason, it can inspire many clothing types, models and cuts.

Another thing that draws attention in the collection is that it draws a lot of inspiration from the shirt category. Long shirt dresses, short shirt dresses, shirt-like jackets, shirt sets and many more, this unique collection includes shirts It appeals to the style of lover women.

Lace Elegance

When it comes to women's clothing, the first thing that comes to mind has always been lace. This lace rebellion, which has shown its effect in the past years, also appears from time to time today.

The laces that you will see in another part of a different outfit every time in the collection have added a very elegant look to the collection. Lace details, which are added based on the connotation of femininity and femininity, are sometimes located on the skirts of the dress. and it will appear as spread over the whole of the outfit.

Oversize Fashion

The most obvious trend that has taken the fashion world by storm, especially in recent years, has been the oversize fashion. Oversize is the general name given to the clothes that are too big and loose for the body of the person, but adapted to the body by increasing or decreasing it in certain proportions.

Another model among Societa's original designs is oversize models. Bringing the oversize trend to life for trousers, dress, shirts and many similar outfits, Societa' has created a vast collection world for oversize lovers.

Wide Cut Comfort

No matter what outfit you wear, the most comfortable outfit is always the wide cut. The reason for this is that wide-cut clothes do not limit your movements and provide comfort at the same rate. For this reason, wide-cut clothes are among the most preferred clothes in the fashion world.

Societa' atelier collection includes many different wide-cut dresses. However, the wide cut overalls are the kind that will leave their mark on the season with their elegance and comfort.

Mixed Patterns

The pattern trend on clothing has been shelved for the past few years. However, with the latest fashion week walks, the pattern trend re-entered our lives this year. The fashion and design experts, who are taking firm steps forward under the leadership of minimalism, have thus turned their route to patterned clothes.

patterned clothing
April 04, 2022