The biggest point that distinguishes shabby shirts from other shirts is that they are loose and spacious, as the name suggests. The story of most people's first acquaintance with shabby shirts begins with wanting to experience exactly this comfort. But in fact, the advantages of shabby shirts are not just these. To briefly mention and list the advantages of shabby shirts;

- There are no annoying seams in classic shirts,

- It does not restrict your movements, on the contrary, it liberates your movement area,

- Since it is made of fabrics with high air permeability, it prevents you from sweating, especially in summer, and thus prevents possible diseases,

- It is the most suitable outfit for people who do not like to show their lines, as it makes their body lines completely obscure,

- It is a joker outfit due to its wide model and can be used as a jacket if desired,

- Since it is shabby, the possibility of deformation is very low and can be used for many years.

- It can be preferred in all seasons thanks to the fabrics used in its production.


Of course, although we gather them under a general heading and express them as shabby shirts, these shirts also have many different models. For this reason, it is very important which model of shabby shirts you prefer when making combinations, and it is necessary to know well what kind of clothes should be worn under this model. Otherwise, you may cause an outdated image instead of a trendy image. Let's exemplify these combinations over the two most preferred models of shabby shirts.

Chiffon Loose Shirts

Chiffon shabby shirts have a more bulky appearance compared to other shabby shirts due to their fabric. Therefore, under these shirts, you can choose voluminous chiffon or fabric trousers compared to their equivalents in order to make your combination look more crowded and flashy. If it is combined with a high waist fabric trousers, the lower parts of the shirt can be tucked into the trousers and a coarse belt can be attached to create a perfect transition.

Oversize Loose Shirts< u>

Although oversized shabby shirts can be preferred in official institutions when desired, they are usually more likely to be seen in sports fashions. By using the long and wide structure of these shirts as an advantage, you can take on one of the most trendy images of the last period with sports shoes that you will combine with a biker-length shorts and tights that you will wear underneath. Or you can wear it as a dress by attaching a coarse and wide belt to the waist of your oversized shabby shirt.

March 02, 2022