There are some very stylish clothes that daily life offers us. Yes that is right. Well, have you ever thought that there may be clothes that we do not see often, but that actually appeal to your style and maybe you are not aware of their existence? Of course, something that is not known anymore in the modern age is almost non-existent. However, when it comes to the fashion industry, it is possible to say that the number of models that go beyond the classic designs is actually quite high. One of these unusual types of clothing is clothing made of organza fabrics. Let's get to know organza, which is extremely stylish and creates a great visual feast when viewed from the outside.


Today, organza, which is among the fabrics used for special clothes in the clothing industry, is a kind of starched fabric with cheesecloth thinness and can be woven from silk or linen yarn. Organza fabric, which has a transparent structure and a harder and brighter texture than normal silk fabric, stands out with its sharp lines. Therefore, it does not have a draped form. Due to this hard structure, it is mostly used to provide a sharp form in wedding dresses, wedding dresses or evening dresses.

Organza fabric can turn into a very eye-catching evening dress with its various color alternatives and remarkable shine. For this reason, this fabric, which was frequently used in the field in the past, is not preferred much today, except for very special designs.

Because it is transparent, it can be used with different types of fabrics and various prints can be made on it. The fact that patterns or lace can be embroidered on it allows organza details to be included in the dresses. For this reason, although these special clothes made of organza fabric are usually seen as dresses, organza fabric is not only used in clothing, but also in accessories such as bags, scarves, shawls or jewelry.

 Organza fabric is the favorite fabric of people who want to buy evening dresses with its iridescent effect and sparse texture, which can be combined with tulle. Organza fabric, which can be used in daily clothes or accessories only in the form of small details, due to its transparency and shine; It is the indispensable fabric of engagement, wedding and special invitation dresses.


Organza clothes are rough and eye-catching due to their fabric. Since these clothes are also used on special occasions or in concept invitations that need to be extremely stylish, their combination should be done with care.

The first thing to pay attention to in organza outfit combinations is the category of the organza outfit that is preferred.

Organza Skirt / Dress Combinations

Organza dresses can be long, short or midi in different forms in length.

Shoes that should be preferred under long organza dresses are very delicate and unobtrusive shoes should be. The reason for this is that if a shoe that will attract attention is added to the already remarkable appearance of organza clothes, the image that will emerge will disturb the image.

The situation is a little different for short and midi-length organza dresses. The less the area where the organza fabric is used in the outfit, the less attention-grabbing the outfit will be. Naturally, organza dresses, which are shorter in length, are much less eye-catching than long organza dresses. For this reason, it is possible to choose an arbitrary shoe in short and midi-length organza dresses, taking into account the colors in the outfit and the sharpness of the lines of the outfit.

As a bonus, for women who like an avant-garde look, this look can be achieved effortlessly with long lace-up boots under mini-length organza dresses.

Organza Pants Combinations

Organza trousers actually do not contain a litmus that is very different from the situation on which dress and skirt combinations are based. Just as the length of the dress is taken as a basis in organza dress and organza skirt models, this is also very important in organza pants. However, the situation where the situation differs is that with the lengthening of the trousers, the preferred shoe model should be exaggerated at the same rate.

Since organza fabric is a transparent and shiny fabric due to its structure, rough and extremely high-heeled shoes in organza trousers that extend up to the heels will be the only shoe preference that can lift these trousers. However, in organza trousers that are close to the ankle or midi length, the slenderness of the shoes should be made in direct proportion to the shortening level of the trousers.

Organza Shirt / Blouse Combinations

Organza shirts and organza blouses are organza clothing categories that allow the most free choices when choosing shoes. Because when viewed as a whole, these clothes, which take up little space in the combination, are naturally not enough to create a rough or crowded appearance, even if desired. Therefore, the shoes you will choose with your organza shirts and organza blouses will be determined not by these clothes, but by your overall combination.

March 10, 2022