Blazer jackets, which have many varieties, are very likely to lead you to misconceptions and mistakes during shopping due to this variety. There are certain points to be considered in dem blazer jackets so that you do not get lost among the options and buy something that is not suitable for you and what you are looking for.

Attention to Shoulders

One of the most important points in choosing a blazer jacket is that the shoulders of the jacket should not be wide, that is, it should not be large. Otherwise, there will be a very disturbing situation that seems to be entrusted to you and accompanies this image.

Attention to Collars

Another point that is forgotten and not taken care of is that the collar of blazer jackets and the collar of the clothes worn inside should display an uninterrupted image. Unfortunately, when this situation is overlooked, it causes an outdated image. For this, you can get several different blazer jacket models with different collars and for clothes that you will wear with blazer jackets.

Attention to Buttons

Blazer jackets are jackets that can be used with or without buttons. However, if you prefer a buttoned blazer, there is a situation that you should pay attention to at this point. You should never turn off the top and bottom button. Never forget this button rule in order not to look heavier than you are or not to create a bulk in your inner clothes.

Attention to the Arms

If you wear a long sleeved shirt or blouse inside the blazer, the sleeve of the jacket should be 1 cm shorter than the inside sleeve. Otherwise, it may seem like you're wearing a big jacket, or it may feel uncomfortable every time the sleeves of the jacket reach from your wrist to your hand.

After making a note of these tricks in a corner of your mind, there is no reason not to choose the blazer jacket model you want anymore.


Classic Blazer Jacket< /b>

This blazer jacket model, which we often encounter in daily life, can be combined with almost any trousers. These classic blazer jackets, which can easily keep up with both sports and formal elegance, are a joker model that everyone should have in their closet.

Blazer Jacket with Belt

Blazer jackets with belts, which provide a much larger comfort area compared to other blazer models, also keep the masculine air that predominates in blazer jackets to a minimum. Belted blazer jackets, which will become an indispensable part of women who always like to keep femininity at the forefront, will always keep their eyes on you with their timeless trend.

Crop Blazer Jacket

Crop blazer jackets, which suit the denim blazer combination best, have become an indispensable part of sports-classic elegance. These cropped blazer jackets, which are usually combined with white sneakers and tight denim pants, will make you feel the energy of youth.

Patterned Blazer Jacket< /span>

Patterned blazer jackets, which especially women who like avant-garde style will not hesitate to choose, have recently become an indispensable item for women working in official workplaces. Patterned blazer jackets that do not compromise on comfort while always keeping elegance in the foreground are rare pieces that must be in your suitcase on every official trip you will go.

March 01, 2022