Choosing a shirt is quite difficult, contrary to what you might think. The underlying reason is that Asebep has thousands of models and cuts, as well as the fact that these cuts and models have different stances on each body. Choosing a narrow cut shirt is much more difficult than choosing a shirt. Because although the cut has been decided, narrow cut shirts also contain hundreds of different models. Among these hundreds of different models, we can list what you need to do as follows:

-You should not stop trying until you find the right slim fit shirt for you and stay on target until you make the right choice. Because if you get bored of trying and buy the first shirt you get, the potty and trust image it will make on your body will continue to come with you everywhere.

-It is necessary to know how and on what basis the fabric type and color of the slim-fit shirt should be decided. If you clarify the season in which the selected tight-fitting shirt will be worn, and go to buy accordingly, this way, you can both melt the options by choosing shirts made of seasonal fabric and stop just liking the model by choosing seasonal colors.

-You should make sure that the collar of the tight-fitting shirt is suitable for your face shape and neck features, just like in other shirts. For example, if your face is narrow and long, it will be of great benefit to choose shirts with a wide collar, and if you have a round face, long-collared shirts. Although the collar shape changes according to the trends, let us remind you that a medium size collar can be chosen with the ends down for a definite elegance.

-Pay attention to the sleeve length of the tight-fitting shirt. The cuff should stay 1 cm outside the length of the jacket, cardigan or outerwear that suits your style. For this reason, it will be a practical solution to shorten the sleeves of narrow-cut shirts that are not long enough by folding them.


There are hundreds of different models of these classic narrow-cut shirts, which have been used frequently since ancient times and women will not get bored of wearing them no matter how many years pass. However, it seems that it is not possible to ignore these trend models, some of which have had such a big break lately. We can list them as follows:

Slim Fit Shirts with Ruffle Sleeves

This model of narrow cut shirts has a beauty that can compete with almost all other models with its vintage look and unlimited elegance. These shirts, which are a joker piece that you can easily wear at an invitation, at a wedding, in your daily life or at work, do not exceed the limit and prevent you from displaying an outdated image.

Slim Fit Shirts with Shirred Sleeves

This model of slim-fit shirts carries the classic slim-fit shirt look to a modern line, while advancing it with a minimalist work. The gathers on the shirt sleeves, whether they are sparse or frequent, do not tire the eyes and are not too much.

Slim Fit Poplin Shirts

We can say that this narrow-cut shirt model, which you can feel most comfortable with among the narrow-cut shirt models and that you will not want to take off because of this comfort, is an indispensable part of the women who are fond of comfort. Combining the comfort and difference of the poplin shirt with the classic narrow-cut shirt that impresses with its elegance, these shirts provide unlimited comfort.

March 08, 2022