When it comes to skirts, the first thing that comes to mind is mini skirts and knee-length skirts. The reason for this is that the concept of skirt and femininity are very intertwined. However, in history, skirts were originally used by men and were incompatible with femininity. This is exactly why it is wrong to think of short or medium length skirts when it comes to skirts. The concept of skirt includes many different models and types, but it can also contain different lengths. Although they are not as common as short skirts, long skirts are also included in this group. And in fact, long skirts are much more striking and assertive than short skirts. How?


We must say in advance that we will create a great disappointment for women who think that long skirts cannot be combined with much or will not look stylish enough. Because in fact, it is possible to make more assertive and creative combinations with long skirts than with short skirts. One of the main reasons for this is that long skirts, which have a larger area, have the opportunity to exhibit many different plays in this large area. Another reason is that since the length of the fabric is too long, it can be put into any desired form.


Since long skirts cover most of a woman's body, they often offer greater freedom for the upper body. Since no major intervention can be made on the lower body, the creativity in the upper body allows the people who wear these clothes to really reveal their own style. But of course, there are also long skirt combinations that are accepted around the world.

  • Boots and jackets combined with rope-hanging crops worn over long skirts can easily capture the western style.

  • Although it is preferred to go open in the upper body because the lower body is completely covered, in fact, choosing an oversized sweater and white sneakers in harmony with the skirt also allows you to display a fresh and modern look.

  • Long skirts are clothes that are tightly bound with their fabric. If you prefer long skirts with a moving fabric, you should keep your jewelry at a minimum or not choose jewelry. However, on the contrary, if you prefer a long skirt with a straight model, you should make a combination rich in accessories.


Long skirts are produced in many different models and styles. However, some of them are so popular that we come across them every year.

Pleated Long Skirts

Shirred long skirtss, It is one of the most popular skirts among the long skirt models. This is because they have a very comfortable pattern. Especially in summer, shirred skirts, which we see almost every day, together with slit models, seem to take their place in the trends this season.

Pleated Long Skirts

Pleated long skirtss are usually These are very elegant outfits that appear on special occasions or in elegant environments. These skirts should be used very carefully and the fabric is delicate. Although it is long, it can be integrated with different styles for reasons such as looking very stylish with high-heeled boots.

Long Skirts with Lace Up

Long skirts with laces are perhaps the most striking skirts among long skirts. You will look very stylish with this skirt, which can be adjusted with the lacing at the waist and contains much more fabric than other skirts.

Elastic Waist Long Skirts

The elastic at the waist of these skirts is covered with stitching, just like a belt, making the skirt appear self-arching. Elastic waist long skirt The biggest advantage is that it does not cause any belt tightness or bulging during the day by molding according to your waist size.

Leather Fabric Long Skirts

Leather is among women's favorite bold fabrics. The use of this very ambitious fabric in such a large piece makes this claim even bigger. For this reason, it has become one of the favorite pieces of women who like to attract attention with their style long leather skirtss are also very hard to find clothes.

Long Skirts With Belt

We often see in long skirts belted long skirts are too comfortable for some women, while for some women they are uncomfortable. The reason for this is actually the waist size of the user. These skirts, which do not cause a problem for women with thin waists, unfortunately can cause tightening problems for women with a slightly thicker waist. Of course, this is not a big problem for women who are accustomed to using a belt and are not bothered by the feeling of the belt.

April 13, 2022